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  A Peek in to the Cyber World of Millennial Teens



Refuel Agency, through Monkey Survey, conducted a study of “Millennial Teens”, aged between 16 to 19 who were born after the introduction of the Internet and Cells. What is it like to have been born in this generation? Some startling and some not so surprising revelations. The survey was conducted with a sample size of 684 teens as recent as June 3 to 9th, 2015. Can they be considered as “non-conformist trendsetters” looking for “instant gratification”?


Life becomes miserable without their Top 10 Products.

Besides the Cell/smart phone which expectedly, was on topmost of the list of things that the teens could not do without, surprisingly food, clothes and shoes ranked high in this list. Water, the essential zenith of life stood last at 10! The other items were Video game console, Tablet, MP3 player and Television. To put the items in perspective:

The Topmost Brands in their lives.

When asked to specify brands without which this target group could not do without,  Apple scored the highest, and surprise of surprises, the popular social networking site, which catapulted Mark Zuckerberg, as a household name, stood 10th or more specifically, last!



A good total of approx. 73% time in a day is spent on gadgets.

When asked how many hours in a 24 hour day they spent on devices, the computer and TV tied with each other at 3.5 hours, and again, (no prizes for any guesses), the good old, (or is it new?), smartphone was declared the winner with almost double the time at a good 6.3 hours! The Tablet was the poorest at 1.9 hours.

Focusing on gadgets that governed the life of Millennial, the Smartphone or Cell stood first at 55% and the TV as expected last at No. 5. The list as ranked:

Cell phone/ Smartphone 55%
Computer/ laptop 18%
Tablet/ e-reader 12%
IPod/ MP3 payer 8%
Television 7%


And pray, how does the young adult use the cell?

Again for sheer everyday usage, texting ranks highest at 66% (the contents of the text were not surveyed, but perhaps can be imagined!) Social media, games, camera and browsing approximating 50% each.  Emails and actual were as low as 33% and 24% respectively! (Surprising?)


 Does the Teenager make for a good Shopper?

So what does he or she look for whilst shopping? A good deal of research is done by the Millennial with 45% doing price comparisons to ensure the right purchase price. Reading Reviews stood at 44% whilst researching product details at 39%. (Perhaps this justified the 55% of the time spent on Mobiles?)

The Preloaded Browser makes a huge difference

Manufacturers and Marketers may be disturbed to note that 33% of the targeted audience is not likely to change the browser preloaded on their gadgets with a high 67% moderately or highly likely!


The Teen is sharp and wary with the browser

They cannot easily be taken for a ride with 70% and 68% of them wary about their security and privacy respectively. 54% considered web page loading speed as important to them. Social Integration featured at just 21%

Looking at Streaming Platforms

When it comes to Streaming Platforms, no prizes for guessing that You Tube scored the highest with 75%. This was followed by Netflix and Pandora with 55% and 39% respectively.

Time spent of Social Sites/Apps

Expectedly, 64% of their time was consumed on You Tube. But here again is an irony, whilst Face book stood 10th amongst favorited brands, 51% of the Millennial Teens time was spent on this site.


How “public” is the Millennial Teen’s Life?

65% of them are “very/somewhat willing” to “post something publicly on Social Media” – perhaps accounting for “In a Relationship” or it’s “Complicated”? “Not willing” were 23% and “Unsure” were just 12%



The Social Media used to keep up with the latest in Music, Games and TV shows.


With this background on the Millennial Teen, we can be assured the future is bright and exciting! Console

  1. Tablet
  2. MP3 player
  3. Television
  4. Water
  5. Cell/ Smart phone
  6. Food
  7. Computer/laptop
  8. Clothes
  9. Shoes
  10. Video game console
  11. Tablet
  12. MP3 player
  13. Television
  14. Water
  15. Cell/ Smart phone
  16. Food
  17. Computer/laptop
  18. Clothes
  19. Shoes
  20. Video game console
  21. Tablet
  22. MP3 player
  23. Television
  24. Water




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