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When the pupil is ready, the master….

I Stop Shooting in the Dark.

After spending decades in mass media, I began experiencing a fatigue and burnout, whilst simultaneously getting introduced to the online domain, which I found enchanting, to say the least. Mass media was like shooting in the dark, but the digital domain, besides being one-on-0ne, offered the high potential of engaging with the audience, which delighted me.

Getting More Exposed to Online.

So I decided to explore this medium a little  intensely, by getting more active on Social Media, content writing, etc. Each channel or platform gave me a glimpse of the other, thus increasing my quest for more learning. I registered for an online course in SM, but perhaps due to my own inadequacies or lack of exposure, did not find it Value for Money (VFM), and so was reluctant to add to my expenses. At the same time, the fire was burning.

Increasing my Network and meeting my Mentor.

Thanks to FB, my network increased and also got virtually connected to different individuals, all willing to lend a helping hand. That is how I first got introduced to Nevil Darukhanawala – as someone who was in need of content writing. Our first meeting was conducted, like many others, in a Coffee Shop, where I explained to him my journey and destination. Subsequent meetings led me to a branding/communications assignment for one of his to be launched Apps. I then discovered that Nevil himself was a digital expert, having learnt and practiced the profession in USA and had recently opened shop in India.

Getting introduced to the School of SEO.

His SEO business experience in India was not up to his expectations, so just recently, in 2015 to be precise, Nevil began conducting online courses in the digital domain. ( Luckily for me, we did a barter with my content writing. So passionate and convinced is he about this service,  that he actually offers a money-back guarantee!  A student from one batch can switch or catch up with another batch -another unique advantage.

Once Darukhanawala begins, the passion exposes itself in his voice, articulation and gesticulations. So deep is his knowledge on the subject, that at times he gets carried away and tends to drift from the topic, and needs to be brought back to focus -time is not too consequential, but imparting knowledge matters to him.

Unlike many of today’s coaching classes, with just the basic infrastructure, Nevil’s class room is well furnished, with a huge monitor, and more than adequate air conditioning, which one has to at times request him to turn down.

I also “Spott One Consulting Pvt Ltd”

Darukhanawala has the good sense not to restrict himself to just preaching, but also practices. Thus he has some top corporates whom he consults with and conducts workshops for others. Besides, he also offers his SEO services, with a small and dedicated team to a few top corporates, under the brand Spott One Consulting. This ensures he is abreast of the latest trends in the market place.

If my exposure to SEO is beneficial, thanks to Nevil Darukhanawala.


This post purports an attitude of gratitude.





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