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What Makes a Mother?

Half a Century and Counting

I have spent over half a century on this earth, and been blessed with a mother, wife and daughter, amongst other family members, but am not a keen observer of life. It’s just some special moments, which make me sit up and take stock:

  • Of a mother, who despite her advanced age (and mine?), still treats me as her child, though I may have children of my own. This sees her concerned over my every activity, from health to finance to religion.
  • Of a wife, who assists not only in the making of bread but also bringing it home.
  • Of a daughter, who bridges the gap, (if at all there exist one) between mother and wife.

What do they all possess in common? The makings of a mother. It’s really heartwarming to watch a girl at puberty stage itself, getting into raptures at the sight of a newborn infant, with her moans, sighs and awws.  It’s like preparing herself for that moment already.

The Specialty of a Mother

What makes a mother so special? She is gifted with an extra sensory power. She can almost predict any mishap, but alas cannot prevent it. She knows it all before she can be told, can sense the mood of her child, the ups and downs in their lives. How does she acquire this or is it innate? Yes, talking to her own mother, her colleagues and friends is just one source. But the more important source is her own inner self, that powerful gift called intuition.

Motherly Instincts and Premonitions

It is said that even in animals and birds, this motherly instinct is sharp. A mother bird can pick up the distress signals from her offsprings through vibrations across the universe. My own mother present in the same room as us, read in the cawing of the crow, her mother’s demise in another state. In my wilder days, or nights, returning home in the wee hours of the morning was the norm. No questions asked.  One unfortunate night, my metabolism gave way, which saw me literally on the streets, the haunts of the underworld. It was sheer chance that friends rescued  me and brought me home, where it took me days to recover. Somehow this was potential danger and providential escape was sensed by my mother who questioned me days after that, for the truth. It was sheer maternal instinct.

A young mother in an outstation bus stop with a babe in arms suddenly had to console the wailing child. Suggestions and advice from those around her, proved fruitless. The tone of the wailing discomforted the mother, who sensed something unusual. She stripped the child of the nappy only to discover an ant nibbling at the infant’s bottom – the source of the wailing!

Can Science Help?

Thanks to science with prenatal and postnatal trainings, etc a young mother’s life is made easier. How did these mothers succeed in the days of the midwife, when the pains and pangs of labour could not be quietened? All they had to rely on was the signals and symptoms of the body. And intuition. Will advance of science blunt those intuitions over time?

Society today has liberated both man and woman from inhibitions and reservations, unlocking emotions and feelings. A permissive female with multiple partners often times can easily identify the right partner as the father of the child – DNA tests be damned. Similarly it is said that a female through sheer intuition can tell if and which man will share her bed.

I recently met a young upwardly mobile female entrepreneur who admitted to me, that sighting her date across the street, she knew exactly, that he would lead her to the altar. And of course, soon she will be a mother, with all those motherly instincts, intuitions and premonitions, which no science can teach or reveal!