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Too Many Communication Platforms, Too Many Cooks…..

Technology For Communications

Thanks to technology today, various communication platforms have opened up. To name just a few: FB, Linkedin, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. Not to mention email platforms like hotmail, gmail et al.

In fact there are so many, that one finds it difficult to name them all. And most often users of such platforms, do not really utilise them all. So why be present on them, is a question I fail to comprehend.

Chicken and Egg situation?

Many such platforms like hotmail etc today are even granted official/legal status. And yet, I know many users who do not even open their mails. It’s the year ending, and after emailing my documents to my CA was dumbfounded to learn that my email was not even opened, leave alone read.  Because he receives more than 100 emails per day. So, whose fault?  I needed to then message him requesting him to read his emails! Wonder when I will need to email someone else to open and read my messages! Chicken and egg situation?

Consumption of Resources

And that’s just one of the many disadvantages – leave aside consumption of physical time, mind space etc with all these platforms.

Confusion Worse Confounded

What really takes the cake, is when the messages get crossed! So a message on email meriting  a response, gets responded on messenger, and the messenger gets a reply on email. Utter confusion!

Just For The Records

I presume most communication on messengers or apps, do not get saved or stored. Wonder how disputes, which are bound to arise, due to the various platforms, do get resolved.

Easy Solutions

If only we restrict ourselves to a few communication platforms life would be so much simpler for both, the sender and sender. But then….?