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Bye 2015, welcome Viewers


Required Coaxing and Deliberation

So 2016 sees me with my own site! This has happened after much coaxing and deliberation. I was told that if you want to be professional, you need to have your own domain. This led me to doing a small study, watching videos, learning the advantages and disadvantages of free sites, etc. Ultimately I got convinced to host my own site.

Which led to another journey. Not being too tech savvy, I had to consult a few friends, who bent backwards. It’s really heartening to note how one can make friends online so easily! My humble thanks to them.

Thanks all around

My biggest appreciation of course goes out to my Viewers. Few have “liked” my work, some have followed – my sincere gratitude. Often on FB, I have come across friends who have just informed me that they read my writing, which in itself made me feel good, and more importantly got me encouraged and kicked. At least I know there is someone out there in the universe who takes the time and effort to read me, so my efforts do not go down the drain.

More importantly, writing has helped me often voice my inner nagging thoughts. It’s not always easy to bare one’s soul. Of course, I have taken care not to be too open and admire some writers who are most descriptive to the minutest detail, of their personal thoughts and lives. Of course, I cannot afford to do that, else my site would be banned for pornography, lol!

Different Opinions Appreciated 

One of my memorable, if not better experiences, was when I wrote about a dear colleague who was on his deathbed, stricken with cancer, without naming him. A few friends wanted him identified, which I saw no harm in doing so. One of them expressed his opinion that should the wife of the ailing friend read my post, she may not take it in good taste. Whilst I agreed with him, I presented my case – the friend was not identified in the post, besides it had nothing derogatory, so if the wife still thought it was offensive, there was nothing I could do about it and I stood by my post. I thus got exposed to different opinions, which is always appreciated.

What do I propose to do with my own site? I really have no definite plans. Guess I will go with the flow. I have often been advised to adhere to one particular topic or subject, master it and assume leadership, akin to marketing, a subject that I have been thoroughly exposed to.  (And continue to familiarize myself with, except now in a different garb, as that of digital marketing).  Am not too sure about closing in on one subject, since I believe that there are many facets to a person. So let me expose the different sides to my personality. And you dear reader can judge – a colourful butterfly or case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde!

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