Personal Life

January TitBits


Just a Wrap Up to January 2016.

The New Year started off like any all other “New Years”! And just like in the past years, where I have given up on resolutions, did the same with 2016. Not that I have anything against resolutions, in fact I think they help, but guess boredom has set in through the years.

Consolidating the Bonding.

However, before every New Year sets in, as a family we have introduced a custom. On 31st December evening, the family members gather together. Each one of us then, take turns in recapping the past year in our respective life, giving thanks to the universe, and also expressing our wishes, prayers and desires for the Year ahead. A tremendous bonding develops over this, which takes us through the Year!  I am really grateful for this practice.

January 2016 began like any other month. The Mumbai winter, if one can call it that, had set in. This is the season I love best. It does top up my drinking and the Old Monk and I unite more often. Talking of spirits, the festive spirit too gets extended. Republic Day is just another day to celebrate, although I do wish the authorities end this “dry day” crap and awaken to reality and the public spirit. Family members from abroad visit at this time, as the fares drop rapidly post Christmas. An added reason for the celebrations to continue! So the “eating out” becomes more frequent. Winter specialty dishes like “undhiyu” are savored. And the month of Jan comes to an end.

On the professional front, January did not really offer anything new, not that it was expected. But would surely have been welcome to signal in the New Year. Promises keep being made, some kept, many broken. But then, that’s everyday life, nothing specific to the New Year. However I was exposed to upcoming trends in digital marketing, but did not pursue it much. Guess February will see me do that.

The Personal Angle.

On the personal front, after much pursuit, managed to make some progress on my online medical insurance. The results though were completely unexpected, with the wife having cleared them, and me, (I consider myself fit,) not being too successful with a waiting period thrown in (exclusions in medical parlance). I yet need to confirm the insurance terms.

Made My Year!

I did get the opportunity to do a good deed, by accompanying a terminally ill relative to the hospital for examination and medication. Later in the month, when he took bad, I had to have him admitted to another hospital and then watched over him for a couple of days, and consulted various doctors for medication/treatment, until his son came in from abroad and took over. The sheer gratitude expressed by the son, with tears welling up in his eyes and a bottle of Glenfiddish in his hand,  not only made my month, but perhaps the entire year ahead!