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Soaring Desires, Torn Pockets

The Most Memorable Period

The period between final graduation years and entering the corporate world I think are the most memorable. In later years, one always tends to look back with nostalgia at that time.

It’s the time when one has just about wrapped up academic learnings and is gazing at the corporate world. Or perhaps still struggling with the thought of continuing with academics and moving to higher education. Whatever it is, the burden of acquiring that “must- have” MBA/graduation certificate is behind. And the world before you, stretched across the horizon, beckoning in various hues and  colours of the rainbow. And one gets starry eyed and wants to grab the most.

The Dawn of Maturity

It’s also the time when maturity dawns and with it the responsibility that one can no longer dig into the parent’s pockets. So that much desired mobile brand, that yearned for foreign trip, that dream car, is so so elusive. The only way to acquire it, is the hard way -earn it yourself. And compromises need to be made. You cannot have it all.

Satisfying Hunger, Quenching Thirst for Soaring Desires

I recall the days when a movie “stall” ticket at those famous south mumbai cinema halls, were a luxury. Every penny was saved for, counted and accounted.  The cheapest travel mode – train/bus – selected.  The distance from the station was done on foot in trendy Kolhapuri chappals. One such outing saw me with my extremely attractive out-of-town rich cousin, going through a similar phase. So post the movie, with nothing else to do for lack of money, we decided to head back home by bus. But hunger pangs overcame us. I decided to do something about it. So dragging her, walked a huge distance and skipped some bus stops. With the reduced ticket cost, purchase some road side chikki. She could never forgive me for this, but always cherished that trip close to her heart. (Alas, she is now taken the road to heaven!)

Youth also held aspirations and desires for better  brands  and categories, like IMFL (Indian Made Foreign Liquor) but one could ill afford it and compromised with the then newly introduced Government liquor – flavoured with Santra (Orange), Mosambi (Sweet lime, etc). For chakna or accompaniments, a friend’s vacant kitchen came in good stead, where onions and potatoes got fried.

Hunger for hi-fashion brands was satiated with garments from Fashion Street which also served as a hangout, perhaps equalled to today’s malls, sans air conditioning, water and toilet facilities.

Quenching thirst mean a road side sugar cane juice, ordered in 2 halves,because the quantity or volume was higher than a full glass.  Road lessons put to shame  what was earlier studied in theory – The whole is greater than the sum of its parts – making us street smart.

Higher education in terms of post graduate diplomas meant evening classes sponsored by full time jobs, taken up expressly for that purpose.

VFM or Value For Money implied attending sales promotions held at public halls, which took up the entire day travelling by public transport, saving money for the sales.

But yes, those were the days whose memories still linger, which made us stronger and more resilient.